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Ha,ha,ha Kenya Gov't Be Killing It

I choose to laugh at all the corruption scandals coming to light. Not because it is amusing,far from it, the epic looting and plunder of our nation's coffers is disheartening. It would seem that those entrusted with guarding,guiding and set course of the ship that is our nation are less captains of ethics but rather pirates on a booty hiding mission.

I shall laugh because of the new standards of creative accounting practices and showing accountability being shown the door. The belief in the higher echelon's of Kenyans gullibility is nothing short of delusional. The only way I'd believe a condom dispenser is worth the astronomical sums stated in the reports is only if it came with a holographic video of a very hot and famous ebony Hollywood starlet giving a very raunchy and detailed description of prophylactic use and the condoms themselves self-destructed upon completion of use to negate the need for disposal (because let's be honest lobe balloon disposal is not anyone…

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